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Casting call! Phuket travellers invited to join UK TV documentary

Here’s your chance for 15 minutes of fame!

If you’re planning a visit to Phuket this year, there’s a chance to have your travels chronicled in a documentary series.

Flicker Productions is making a 10-part observational documentary based in Phuket Airport. The London based television company is looking for stories that they could feature in the series.

Filming for 10 weeks, Flicker plans to film everything that goes on at the airport, from check in to flying out, 24 hours a day. This could be anything from first-time travellers and family reunions, to missed flights and weddings.

phuket documentary

Here’s a little bit more about Flicker Productions:

“Flicker have worked with a range of international institutions across the world to produce exciting and innovative content. Flicker Productions are passionate and multi-award winning team, who work in collaboration with our contributors to tell their stories in a genuine and unbiased way.”

And here’s what they’re looking for in the documentary:

“We want to explore and discover what makes the unique, vibrant and beautiful island of Phuket so popular.”

They hope to meet all sorts of people from all over the world who will be flying into Phuket airport, then see what they get up to around the island.

  • Is your holiday out of the ordinary or extra special?
  • Are you celebrating something big?
  • Moving to Phuket for the first time?
  • First holiday abroad without parents?
  • Or here for a family reunion?

If you think you have a good story to share about travelling to Phuket, then send an email to and tell them your plans.

The deadline for emails is March 31.

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