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Blue Tree is a huge water park, recreation and shopping centre that just opened in Phuket in September. We went to a preview day before it opened and have been back once with some kids for a birthday party.

We’ll write more about the water park soon, but for now here’s some info on a new shop that’s in the complex with some promising ideas for helping Phuket go plastic-free and sustainable!

Find out more about the zero-waste Steps With Theera shop below:

Press Release

A Bangkok-based social enterprise is making its debut in Cherntalay with the opening of a new zero-waste shop, cafe and vocational training centre.

The shop, run by Steps With Theera, stocks a range of plastic substitutes like bamboo straw sets, bamboo toothbrushes and SuperBee wax wraps, alongside a refill station with beauty products from HUG and cleaning products from Conscious Living and Pungungreen.

Steps with Theera runs vocational training centres for young people and adults with learning differences. Alongside the training centres it runs businesses for the trainees to get hands on work experience. So far this has been cafes – of which Steps runs three – making the zero-waste shop a first for the organisation.

Max Simpson, one of the Steps Founders, said: “Our mission is about providing opportunities for people with learning differences to demonstrate their capabilities, and how they can add value to all types of workplace. We wanted to extend the range of options for our trainees and graduates beyond cafes so we’re really excited about this new venture.

“The shop will give our trainees the chance to learn some key skills including measuring and weighing, stock taking, and running workshops. Zero-waste seemed the natural choice for us since we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and have pledged to go plastic-free in all our cafes by the end of October 2019.”

The shop is now open to the public, and the vocational centre is running and taking on trainees, with the cafe due to open later this year.

Photo by Steps With Theera
Steps With Theera Phuket
Photo by Steps With Theera

Steps with Theera Shop Details

Open: Daily from 9am to 6pm, except Wednesday (9am to 2:30pm)
Location: Unit 13, Blue Tree Community Mall, Cherng Talay, Phuket

About Steps with Theera –
Steps with Theera is a team of specialists, therapists and trainees. We run vocational training centres and coffee shops in Bangkok and Phuket for young adults (some who have learning differences), to gain the skills they need to access a fulfilling career. Our therapists work in the wider community to support children and young adults. Our ultimate aim is to help all people lead purposeful, dignified lives.

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